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Real LED Watchface

Android Wear Personalization
1.35 usd

Are you looking for something special? Real LED Watchface is a beautiful photo-realistic premium design watchface for your Android Wear Watch based on a 3D rendered interface with light emitting diodes. The big LEDs are for the hours, the medium sized ones at the outer border show the minutes and the inner ones represent the seconds. - Watch Battery Level
- Phone Battery Level
- Adjustible Screen-On time - you can now choose to keep the watch screen in interactive mode for up to 25 seconds
- Interactive: Cycle between different contents for the inner circle area directly on the watch face - just tap with your finger to cycle through the different displays (digital Time with date, just Watch Battery Level, just Phone Battery Level, Both Battery Levels with digital Time, just the Date in bigger)
- Change colours for hours, minutes and seconds - even mix them!
- 3 Ambient Modes: - Full Color Ambient Mode- "Unobtrusive Mode" with just two outlined circles for the hours and minutes- "Outlines with Details" mode with all the information that are given in normal mode.
INSTALLATION: You'll find the setting for this watch face on your phone within the Google "Android Wear - Smartwatch" App. Please be sure to have that App installed on your phone before installing my watch faces! In this App you'll find all your watch faces installed on your watch. When you install my watch faces you can enter the settings for those within the Android Wear App (press the little gear icon on the watch face symbol). Installation may take a couple of minutes! Please have a little patience - it will install in the end ;)